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Pet Care

Pet Care

Our nurses and vets at Murray Street Veterinary Clinic and Hospital strive to provide high quality pet care for Colac and the surrounding communities.

We have a team of compassionate vets and nurses dedicated to the health and well being of your pets.

We can help with routine preventative care, early detection, treatment of disease and complete medical care.



The Murray Street Veterinary Clinic and Hospital is located in Colac, in the western district of Victoria, and offers an intermediate referral service. We provide a comprehensive range of surgical services that are not available at many country veterinary clinics.

Dr David Broomfield has a special interest in orthopaedic surgery and offers tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO) for anterior cruciate ligament injuries in dogs.  David is not a specialist but has over 25 years of surgical experience, is passionate about his work and performs many surgeries that are often referred to specialists.

David is also passionate about soft tissue surgery and performs surgeries such as ectopic ureter repairs, sub-total colectomies, cleft palate repairs, skin pedical grafts, and entropion.


The Murray Street Veterinary Clinic has a well equipped surgical theatre including electrosurgery, oscillating saw, etc. David is experienced in fracture repairs, performs hip toggle stabilisations of hip dislocations, medial luxating patella corrections, triple pelvic osteotomies (TPO) for hip dysplasi, etc.

We perform many after hours emergency surgeries including caesareans and bloat in dogs and are usually able to accept cases at very short notice. We are able to offer 24 hour emergency and hospital care most days.

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